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[Article] Rapid Testing - Next generation software testing

PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2008 3:39 pm
by testassured
There is a perception that QA & Testing is overun with documentation, test procedures and processes, which I believe can put people off testing in general.
Times are changing, expectations are higher, timescales are shorter, we all need to adapt, change and improve on previous performance.
One aspect of testing to consider would be rapid testing.

Rapid testing is a very cost effective approach to testing, suitable for a quick analysis of a product, tights budget or for projects with limited documentation. Based on an Exploratory Testing approach, with a sense of urgency, the testing, learning and designing of tests are performed simultaneously. Rapid Testing focuses on risk and finding the most important bugs first.

What does this mean?
Putting it simply, the Rapid Testing Methodology finds the most important bugs first in the shortest time possible. This gives great value for money, allowing the core project development team to fix issues that make the difference.

No compromise on quality

What’s the point of having traditional testing techniques when software development is in the next era?

Rapid testing focuses on the issues that matter, it is not ad hoc or random. It’s a learning investigation of a product, which puts the tester in a better position to perform tests. This does not mean less testing, it’s just more efficient.

Whats your opinion?