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Tool-uri de bug tracking

PostPosted: Tue Jan 22, 2008 3:18 pm
by SQA
Kind of Tool: Supports extensive problem report management capabilities that allow you to submit, list, view, query, print, and administer change requests.
Organization: +1 Software Engineering
Platforms: Solaris
Kind of Tool: Browser based bug tracking system
Organization: Red Gate Software Ltd.
Platforms: Hosted web-based service, or Aardvark in a Box for Windows NT 4.0 Server, Windows 2000 Server for the server
Kind of Tool: Configuration/change management system
Organization: Intasoft
Platforms: Server: Windows and UNIX
Kind of Tool: was developed out of the necessity to reliably track bugs and enhancement requests for customers. Bugcentral is a web service. There is never any software to install or download.
Organization: Bugcentral Inc.
Platforms: Web-based, server maintained by Bugcentral
BugCollector Pro
Kind of Tool: Multi-user database designed for keeping track of software bugs and feature requests.
Organization: Nesbitt Software Corporation
Platforms: Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000
Bug/Defect Tracking Expert
Kind of Tool: Web-based bug/defect tracking system.
Organization: Applied Innovation Management, Inc.
Platforms: Windows NT 4.0, 2000; Solaris, RedHat Linux
Kind of Tool: A multiuser database program designed specifically for keeping track of bugs in your programs.
Organization: Novosys EDV GmbH
Platforms: Server: Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Clients All 32-bit Windows OS
Kind of Tool: A client/server bug tracking environment which allows software developers to track software defects.
Organization: The PandaWave
Platforms: Windows 95, NT, or later; MacOS 7.1 or later
Kind of Tool: Web-based database for bugs. (freeware)
Organization: Mozilla
Software Description: A defect dracking dystem that allows individuals or groups of developers to keep track of outstanding bugs in their product effectively.
Platforms: Solaris, Linux, Win32, MacOS X, xBSD
Census Bug Tracking and Defect Tracking
Kind of Tool: Bug tracking system
Organization: MetaQuest Software Inc. ... cking.html
Software Description: Census is a highly scalable Web-based bug tracking and defect tracking tool that can also track change requests, support calls, test cases, timesheets, and much more. Features include full customization capabilities, Visual SourceSafe integration, automatic e-mail notifications, user/group/field-level security, role-based workflow rules, custom Web views for different groups of users, built-in reporting, attachments, and change history tracking.
Platforms: All Windows, web-based
Kind of Tool: A change request management product for UNIX specifically designed to track and manage product defects and enhancement requests uncovered during product development and quality assurance testing.
Organization: IBM Rational Software
Platforms: Server: Sun Solaris, HP-UX, DEC OSF1, IBM AIX, SGI IRIX
Kind of Tool: A highly flexible defect and change tracking system that captures and tracks all types of change.
Organization: IBM Rational Software
Platforms: Client: NT 4.0, 95/98, 2000. Server: NT 4.0, 95/98, 2000.
Kind of Tool: CustomerFirst contains an integrated defect tracking system that improves the communicationsand workflow between support development quality assurance departments.
Organization: Repository Technologies, Inc.
Platforms: Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, Netware, OS/2, Unix
Defect Tracker (New Fire)
Kind of Tool: Tracks and organizes defect reports during the development process.
Organization: New Fire
Platforms: Server: Windows 98, 2000, NT 4.0, Linux
Defect Tracker (Pragmatic)
Kind of Tool: A project collaboration tool that allows you to manage all phases of your software development.
Organization: Pragmatic Software Company
Platforms: web-based, ASP-maintained server
Kind of Tool: A defect- and project-tracking tool designed specifically for software development teams.
Organization: TechExcel, Inc
Platforms: Client: Windows 95/98, 2000, NT 4.0+. Server: Windows NT Server 4.0+, 2000.
Kind of Tool: Bug and support tracking tool
Organization: elementool Inc.
Platforms: Web-based, ASP-maintained server
Kind of Tool: A set of tools for tracking bug reports. (freeware)
Organization: GNU
Software Description: GNU GNATS is a set of tools for tracking bugs reported by users to a central site. It allows problem report management and communication with users via various means. GNATS stores all the information about problem reports in its databases and provides tools for querying, editing, and maintenance of the databases.
Thanks to its architecture, GNATS is not bound to a single user interface--it can be used via command line, e-mail, Emacs, or a network daemon, usually used with a Web interface. Together with the fact that all GNATS databases and configuration can be stored in plain text files, it allows easy use and provides good flexibility. Basically, if the GNATS tools do not provide everything you need, you can add your own additional utilities using standard GNU tools.
Platforms: Server runs on unix. Clients may run on a broad set of platforms using a web interface, and several other user interfaces are available.
Kind of Tool: Web based bug tracking system (freeware)
Software Description: JitterBug is a web based bug tracking system. It was originally developed by the Andrew Tridgell to handle bug tracking, problem reports and queries from Samba users. JitterBug operates by receiving bug reports via email or a web form. Authenticated users can then reply to the message, move it between different categories or add notes to it. In some ways JitterBug is like a communal web based email system.
JitterBug is no longer actively maintained but it is still available for download.
Platforms: Unix. Implemented in C.
Perfect Tracker
Kind of Tool: Web-based help desk, bug tracking and customer support software
Organization: Avensoft
Platforms: Server: Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000
Problem Reporting System (PRS)
Kind of Tool: A client/Server defect tracking tool that manages and tracks problem information during the project development life cycle.
Organization: Testmasters, Inc
Platforms: Windows
Kind of Tool: Web-based bug & defect tracking software
Organization: NetResults Corporation
Software Description: Web-based collaboration software for bug tracking, defect tracking, issue tracking, change management, self-service support, and help desk.
Platforms: Windows 2000 Server, NT 4
ProjecTrak Bug Tracker
Kind of Tool: Lotus Notes-based bug reporting and defect tracking system.
Organization: Eden Communications
Platforms: unknown
Kind of Tool: Helps manage software development projects by tracking software bugs, action items, and change requests with problem reports.
Organization: Softwise Company
Platforms: Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000
Kind of Tool: Problem tracking system (with web add-on IssueWeaver)
Organization: Visible Systems Corporation
Platforms: Server: SunOS, Solaris, Windows NT 4.0, Linux, AIX, HP-UX, Digital Unix, IRIX. Client: all of the above plus Windows 95, 98.
Remedy Quality Management
Kind of Tool: Automates the process for managing product defects and new features requests.
Organization: Remedy Corporation ... y_mgmt.htm
Platforms: Client: Windows 95, 98, NT, or web-based. Server: Windows NT, Solaris, HP-UX.
Kind of Tool: A defect tracking product used to track and manage errors in your software projects.
Organization: Borland Software Corporation
Platforms: Client: Windows 95, NT, or web client
Kind of Tool: A Windows-based defect management solution for software developers who need to track problem reports and enhancement requests to their software products.
Organization: Software with Brains Inc.
Platforms: Client: Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0
TestTrack Pro
Kind of Tool: Defect Tracking
Organization: Seapine Software
Software Description: TestTrack Pro, by Seapine Software, delivers time-saving features that keep everyone, involved with the project, informed and on schedule. TestTrack Pro is a scalable solution with Windows and Web clients and server support for Windows, Linux, Solaris, and Mac OS X, integration with MS Visual Studio (including .NET) and interfaces with most major source code managers including Surround SCM, and automated testing tool, QA Wizard, along with other Seapine Development tools. Download a free Eval.
Platforms: Macintosh, Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000, Linux, Solaris, Web client
TrackWeb Defects
Kind of Tool: Windows and web based defect tracking solution.
Organization: Soffront
Platforms: Client: Windows 95, 98, NT. Server: NT 4.0.
Kind of Tool: A Web-based defect tracking solution.
Organization: LogiGear Corporation
Platforms: Server: NT 4.0 Server.
Kind of Tool: An enterprise-wide change request management, defect and project tracking tool.
Organization: Compuware Corporation
Platforms: Client: Windows 95, 95, NT 4.0. Server: Windows NT 4.0.
Kind of Tool: A fully-integrated and extremely customizable tracking system used for managing problem reports, bugs/defects, change requests, customer complaints, and corrective action items.
Organization: Sparta Systems
Platforms: Client: Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000. Server: Windows NT 3.51/4.0 server, UNIX
McCabe TRUEtrack
Kind of Tool: Bug / Defect tracking
Organization: McCabe & Associates, Inc.
Software Description: McCabe TRUEtrack enables organizations to track the tasks and changes in their software development processes, helping to eliminate duplicate problems and to increase visibility and accountability throughout the change process.
Platforms: Windows 95, NT
Visual Intercept
Kind of Tool: A suite of enterprise issue management solutions
Organization: Elsinore Technologies
Platforms: Client: Windows NT 3.51/4.0. Server: NT 4.0 Server, Windows 2000 Server.
Kind of Tool: Issue management system
Organization: ProStyle Software Inc.
Platforms: Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000
Change Commander
Kind of Tool: Web based issue management
Organization: Lightspeed Software
Platforms: Windows NT/2000
Kind of Tool: Web-based defect tracking tool specifically designed to meet the unique needs of Web application development
Organization: Empirix
Kind of Tool: Web Based Bug Tracking and Tracking Platform
Organization: Sesame Technology
Software Description: ExtraView tracks bugs, defects, customer support and help desk issues by serving up customized role-based processes and screens. It supports unlimited custom workflow, user-defined fields and layouts through a J2EE server to standard Web browsers. Immediate and retroactive administration and configuration is supported through the Web browser without programming or schema modification. Full language-independent, bi-directional Web API. Reports to HTML, Word, Excel, XML, Adobe PDF and text.
Platforms: Client: Any with a browser for both user and admin access. API: Access from any program or web page. Command Line Interface: Windows, Solaris Linux. Server: Windows, Linux, Solaris, Other Unix.
Kind of Tool: Web-based bug database
Organization: Fog Creek Software
Platforms: WinNT/2000
Kind of Tool: Web-enabled bug tracking solution (ASP or customer-installed)
Organization: defectX
Platforms: ASP, or Windows NT/2000
Kind of Tool: Web-based defect and issue tracking and project management system
Organization: ForeSoft Corporation
Software Description: If you are looking for a reliable, convenient, secure and completely Web-based defect and issue tracking system - here it is! Exceptionally easy and quick to learn (no training required), packed with many powerful features, attractively priced, BUGtrack is the best choice for your company. BUGtrack utilizes the latest .NET Microsoft technology, has lightning-fast response and 100% up time. You don't like limits, and neither do we. Our BUGtrack allows unlimited number of users, projects and bugs and unlimited attachments storage for a low flat rate. Enjoy intentional simplicity of basic operations or take advantage of powerful PRO features like E-mail interface, Open API, Custom Form, Web Query, Project Sharing, Source Control Integration and others. Add here 24x7 extremely efficient customer support and you'll see why BUGtrack is the natural choice.
Platforms: Platform independent
Bugbase 2000
Kind of Tool: Software defect tracking tool
Organization: Threerock Software
Software Description: A high quality software defect tracking tool. Very scalable so it's useful for both small and large organisations. Highly configurable, integration with email, web based reporting etc.
Platforms: Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Kind of Tool: Hosted Issue and Defect Tracking Application
Organization: AdminiTrack, Inc.
Software Description: Hosted Issue and Defect Tracking Application
Platforms: Internet Exployer 4.1 and above and Netscape 6.01 and above.
Alcea Fast BugTrack
Kind of Tool: Web based defect tracking tool
Organization: Alcea Technologies Ltd.
Software Description: Fast BugTrack is a web-based defect management system. It has no external dependencies such as operating systems, webservers, databases, perl, PHP, etc. This means you can have Fast BugTrack up and running in as little as 15 minutes. Fast BugTrack has a webserver built in, and uses a flat-file based system to store bugs. It is meant to be a light-weight system geared towards small, fast development shops.
Platforms: Windows 95/98/NT/2000, Mac, Linux, Solaris, SunOS, HP-UX, Other Unix
Kind of Tool: Online Problem Tracking System
Organization: Zambit Technologies, Inc.
http://www.zambit .com
Platforms: Hosted web-based problem system that is maintained by Zambit Technologies, Inc.
Kind of Tool: Bug tracking
Organization: Excel Software
Software Description: QuickBugs is a tool for reporting, tracking and resolving the countless bugs, issues, changes and new features involved in product development. Key attributes include extreme ease-of-use and flexibility, a shared XML repository accessible to multiple users, multiple projects with assigned responsibilities, configurable access and privileges for users on each project. Virtually everything in QuickBugs is configurable to the organization and specific user needs including data collection fields, workflow, views, queries, reports, security and access control.
Platforms: Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 or XP
Kind of Tool: A web-based bug/issue tracking system. Easy-to-use, customizable, and supports multiple projects, role-based access, automatic bug-assignment, file attachement, advanced search, and email notification.
Organization: WEBsina
Platforms: platform-independent
Kind of Tool: IOS/Track is a web-based application allowing project leaders to stay informed of problems and to communicate with teams of software or hardware developers.
Organization: Interobject Systems
Platforms: Windows NT Server 4.0 or above
T-Plan Incident Manager
Kind of Tool; Web and Client Defect Tracking Tool with or without integrated Test Management
Organization: T-Plan
Software Description: T-Plan Incident Manager can be run as an integrated module of T-Plan Professional or can be run as a standalone application. With full integration with T-Plan Professional the benefits of tracking your raised issues against the test or requirements documentation is realised. Thus offering full traceability of issues right across the project lifecycle.
Key Features:
• Automatic E-Mail Notification of Incidents - Ability to e-mail incidents and history logs to other email users.
• Document Attachment - Attach documents containing for example screen prints to the Incident.
• Full Reporting - Full reports are available at any stage in the Incidents lifecycle. Statistic reports are also available offering metric on the for example the number of outstanding incidents.
• Security - It is possible for an administrator to construct special filters called Views and link such views to groups of users. These views are filters that are pre-applied at all times and cannot be removed. This method can be used to prevent certain users through their group membership from seeing all incidents.
Platforms: All Windows based platforms, Hosted web-based service, or Web Service with Windows NT/2000
Kind of Tool; Bug Tracking Software
Organization: Jackal Software Pty Ltd
Software Description: Easy to use Bug Tracking Software. BugAware is web based available ASP Hosted or locally installed. Submit bugs which include custom fields, file attachments, time tracking, change history and a user discussion thread.
Platforms: Microsoft Windows Server, IIS.
Kind of Tool: Web-architected change management, bug and defect tracking software for development, technical support, quality assurance and help desk teams
Organization: TeamShare, Inc.
Software Description: TeamTrack is a Web-architected, secure and highly configurable enterprise class solution platform, built to map, track and enforce your business processes at the task level. TeamTrack helps you rapidly automate your business processes, manage issues throughout the entire lifecycle of your projects, and facilitate collaboration with all stakeholders across the enterprise and beyond - regardless of your industry. TeamTrack integrates to your other enterprise applications allowing you to leverage your investment and increase work efficiency between teams.
Platforms: Win NT 4.0 Server Win 2000 Server
Bug Tracker Software
Kind of Tool: Web-based bug tracking and defect data sharing system.
Organization: Bug Tracker Software
Software Description: Bug Tracker Software is a web-based bug tracking and defect data sharing system. Features include database support for MSSQL, ORACLE, Sybase, Access, Postgres, DB2, etc. Offers E-mail and instant messaging support, cross platform support and web browser operation. Free product demo package available through website.
Platforms: Unix, Linux, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP
Kind of Tool: Web-based issue tracking
Organization: Information Management Services, Inc.
Software Description: Squish is a Web-based issue tracking system that will help you keep each of your projects organized. It can be used for projects that are in development and for projects that are fully developed. It is useful for manager, developer, and user alike. Track bugs, track issues, and track requests. Track anything and everything that will keep you and your development team organized. Squish is versatile. It is a communications tool designed to work for you and your entire team!
Platforms: All (only a browser is required).
Kind of Tool: Free or subscription-based hosted bug tracking system
Organization: Active-X.COM
Software Description: BugHost is a free hosted bug tracking system ideal for small- to medium-sized companies. BugHost is completely Web-based, which means there is no software to install and users will be able to use the system from any browser with an Internet connection. Designed from the ground up, the system is easy to use, extremely powerful, and customizeable to meet your needs. Currently, two packages are available: the Free Package, which has a limited set of functionality and the Basic Package, which includes many new features as well as more project and user licenses. Quick Feautre List:
• Classify bugs with Project, Application, Module, Category, BugType, Priority, Severity and Status.
• Audit trail
• Global update
• Integrated email with email notifications
• Export
• Attach files, pictures, and add HTML links
• Workflow capable
• Secure site with SSL encryption
• Custom submit and edit forms
• Standard reports and advanced searching
• Statistics
• User home page with open issues
• Web Submit(tm) for anonymous bug submission
Platforms: Supports all platforms - just need an Internet connection and Web browser.
Kind of Tool: Web based bug tracking software, available as free service
Organization: GRAN Ltd.
Software Description: Web based bug tracking, employee timesheet tracking, hierarchy of tasks and users, file uploading, email notify, complex security, task filtering, reporting. Based on EJB and ORACLE DBMS.
Platforms: Cross-platform (Linux, Solaris, Windows) J2EE Server ORACLE
Kind of Tool: track and manage defects
Organization: stag software private limited
Software Description: Fault Management and Analysis System is a defect management system and more� In addition to helping you managing defects, it is intended to help you analyze the defect data to assess the product quality, process capability and aid you in management tracking.
Web-enabled interface � Melds into your intranet
Mail enabled � Automatic notification
Platform neutral � No demands on other licensing requirements!
Simple workspace � GUI metaphor is friendly!
Notification and Alerts � Keeps you alert!
Query-by-forms - Powerful searches possible, yet simple
Graphs and reports � Help you to convert data to information!
Specific user roles � Implement access control on defects
Full bug history
Controlled management of defects from discovery to resolution
Defect/Issue History
Platforms: Linux and Windows
Kind of Tool: Web-based bug tracking system
Organization: Tortuga Technologies
Software Description: Ozibug is a platform-independent, Web-based bug tracking system. It is written entirely in Java, and utilizes servlet technology. This allows Ozibug to be installed and run on any platform for which a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and servlet container are available. It is ready to work straight out of the box on any platform. However, for those who require more flexibility, it provides features such as role based access, audit trails, email notifications, full internationalization, and a customizable appearance.
Two editions of Ozibug are available, the fully featured Enterprise Edition with optional support is available for purchase online through a secure payment server, while the basic Community Edition is available at no cost.
For more information and access to the demonstration systems visit the Ozibug Home Page.
Platforms: Platform-independent.
Kind of Tool: Compliance Management Software
Organization: Amadeus International Inc.
Software Description: Software for integrated compliance management including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HACCP and Health and Safety, 21CFRPart11.
Platforms: Windows 98 / NT / 2000 / XP
Advanced Defect Tracking
Kind of Tool: Defect Tracking Software
Organization: Borderwave Software
Software Description: Advanced Defect Tracking is designed for software companies to simplify their feature development, bug tracking, and helpdesk support. The software allows you to track features, defects, bugs by product, version, customer etc. Once defects, incidents or features are entered, real-time reports can be generated by employee, or by product and version to quickly determine what has or has not been resolved/fixed. Advanced Defect Tracking's greatest benefit is allowing you to ensure that all the features, bugs etc, for a product, are resolved by the time the product is released.
Platforms: Windows 98,95,ME,XP,NT,2000
Kind of Tool: Review-based Defect Management System
Organization: Cosmonet Solutions
Software Description: RADAR is a complete Web based solution that helps an organisation track, communicate, resolve and analyze defects in a software lifecycle, employing the Review Based Model. RADAR follows SEI-CMM principles. Highlights ...
• Review Based
• Simple Administration Module
• Distributed/Centralized Architecture
• Export to Excel
• Web Based Architecture
• Powerful Query Engine
• Open Database
• Customizable In-Tray
• 3 Levels of Security
• Easy to use User Interface
• Notifications through E-mail
• Y2K Compliant
• Built in Reports Generator
Platforms: Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000; SQLServer 6.5+, Oracle 8+, MSAccess 97+
Kind of Tool: Web-based Issue Tracking Software
Organization: Vermont Software Testing Group
Software Description: Dragonfly is used by project managers, QA personnel, programmers, and technical writers for software development, testing, debugging, and documentation. Bugs and project tasks are entered into the system and managed through whichever details and features suit the particular project. Users can monitor and change the issue's status, assign the issue to a particular user, as well as detail the issue's effect on documentation.
Dragonfly features include searching, filtering, a context-sensitive help system, uploading and viewing screenshots, inputting steps to follow in reproducing program errors, and a task-oriented summary view. It is designed to facilitate communication among development, QA, and technical writing teams. Non-technical users of programs that are tracked in Dragonfly can make reports on errors they experience, upload images of screens where errors occurred, and supply feedback on the user interface.
Platforms: Can be accessed with most current Web browsers and on a variety of operating systems (including Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, and Opera; UNIX, Macintosh, and Windows). Companies can subscribe to use the service over the Web for a monthly fee, or companies can purchase Dragonfly for installation on their own intranet or Internet server.
Defect Agent
Kind of Tool: Defect tracking software
Organization: Inborne Technology Corporation
Software Description: Defect Agent is powerful, get-to-the point defect tracking software for software development teams. Track bugs and enhancement suggestions easily! General features include bug tracking, workflow management, project prioritization, detailed audit history for each item, data table definition, and the ability to maximize communication between all technical staff members. Development, quality assurance, documentation and technical support teams all use Defect Agent to facilitate defect reporting, verification, repair, testing and final release.
Platforms: Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP
Kind of Tool: Web based bug tracking system (freeware)
Organization: Agstools
Software Description: Bugtrack is a web based bug tracking system written in Perl/DBI. The goal was to create an open-source, feature-rich bug tracking system that was easy to install and worked cleanly with many different database backends.
Platforms: Linux, Solaris, Windows
Kind of Tool: Issue / Defect tracking system (freeware)
Organization: Scarab project
Software Description: The goal of the Scarab project is to build an Issue Tracking System that has the following features: A full feature set similar to those found in other Issue Tracking Systems: data entry, queries, reports, notifications to interested parties, collaborative accumulation of comments, dependency tracking, collaborative prioritization (voting).
Platforms: Unix, Windows
Kind of Tool: Issue-tracking system (freeware)
Organization: Roundup project
Software Description: Roundup is a simple-to-use and -install issue-tracking system with command-line, web and e-mail interfaces. It is based on the winning design from Ka-Ping Yee in the Software Carpentry "Track" design competition. Beta status.
Platforms: Implemented in Python
Kind of Tool: Bug tracking system (freeware)
Organization: Mantis project
Software Description: A php/MySQL/web based bug tracking system. Beta status.
Platforms: Unix, Windows.
Kind of Tool: Bug tracker. (freeware)
Organization: Ken Manheimer
Software Description: Conducts web-based support and development dialogues, organizing the flow and artifacts of the correspondence on a Zope web site.
Platforms: Runs on a Zope application server.
Atlassian JIRA
Kind of Tool: Web-based Issue Tracking Software
Organization: Atlassian Software Systems Pty Ltd
Software Description: JIRA is a brilliantly simple, incredibly powerful way to track and manage issues. It handles all kinds of issues (bugs, features, enhancements, and tasks) and can be used for bug tracking, development help, project management, or group task cataloging.
Platforms: All Java platforms.
Kind of Tool: Bug Tracking Software
Organization: Websystems Inc.
Software Description: Offers free web-based bug tracking software designed for project managers and developers. Try the demo version and then create your free account.
Platforms: All Platform
OnTime Defect Tracker
Kind of Tool: Defect and Feature Management
Organization: Axosoft
Software Description: OnTime is a team-based defect and feature tracking tool designed as a windows application, web application or a hosted service. OnTime helps users keep track of any number of projects, sub-projects, defects and features. For each defect and feature, OnTime will track the status, assignment, priority, severity and much more. Easily customize the interface for each user, add custom defined fields, create project-based security roles, create public and private filters, keep track of changes through history and audit trails and much more. OnTime single-user version is free and also offers a free web services API SDK to integrate bug reporting and feature request capabilities into existing applications. For more information, visit
Platforms: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/.NET
Kind of Tool: A web based defect tracking application with graphical workflow modelling, customizable fields and data entry form, a query and layout wizard for great reporting, plus much more.
Organization: RMTrack Issue Tracking Solutions Inc.
Software Description: RMTrack is an easy to use, easy to customize, web-based application for bug tracking, defect tracking, issue tracking and managing any project related issues. Designed for ultimate usability, flexibility and efficiency, RMTrack was carefully designed to be easily customized, user friendly and extremely intuitive. The graphical workflow modeler makes customizing the automated workflow simple as point and click. The query wizard and layout designer allow for fast generation of custom reports that can download to Excel or displayed in a printer friendly format. RMTrack is committed to providing customers with the very best issue tracking tool possible.
Platforms: Server: Windows 2000 + SQL Server Client: IE4 or higher
Kind of Tool: Bugzilla Server Appliance
Organization: Bugopolis LLC
Software Description: Web-based server appliance featuring Bugzilla with many enhancements designed to make Bugzilla easier and more secure. A centralized system for entering, assigning and tracking defects. Configurable and customizable.
Platforms: Web-based. Accessible from any platform with a web browser.
Kind of Tool: Windows Defect Tracking software
Organization: IssueView.Com
Software Description: IssueView supports SQL Server and Access. It has sophisticated reporting, Charts, Graphs, e-mail notification, and multi-project support, and a web interface. A free single user license is available.
Platforms: Windows
Kind of Tool: Web-based Bug Tracking and Project Management Software
Organization: IC Soft, Inc.
Software Description: icTracker is a fully web-based productivity enhancement software for project management, task management, document management, and bug tracking. Unlike typical client-server business solutions, icTracker is fully web-based, so there's never any client software to distribute, install, configure, or maintain. icTracker is a compact, easy-to-learn, web-based project management software that helps any business or work group define projects, assign tasks and sub-tasks, streamline work flow, communicate among team members, assure accountability, track bugs, store documents, software testing, manage important links, keep records, take notes, and generate reports.
Platforms: Microsoft Windows Server 2000 with Internet Information Server (IIS) 5.0. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with Internet Information Server (IIS) 6.0.
Defect Manager
Kind of Tool: Professional Grade Defect Management and Call Tracking
Organization: Tiera Software, Inc
Software Description: Thousands of companies have downloaded Defect Manager to enhance and optimize their software product development, IT projects, and Web site development. Defect Manager is a Windows and browser based system. Defect Manager user intertface has the same look and feel regardless of whether you are using the Windows version and/or the browser version. No learning curve when you are working at home. Perfect for out sourced developers, testers, telecommuters. The user interface is very easy and intuitive. The product has many features including audit trail, problem chaining, problem escalation, custom filters, keyword searching, work queue management, test case management, Microsoft Visual Source Safe support, customizable e-mail alerts, reporting and more. The product comes with an MS Access database, and supports Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, Ingres and Postgres databases. The product provides a customizable Tech Support portal for your clients, so that they can add, review, and annotate their problems. Your clients can also search the knowledgebase for off hours support. Defect Manager is affordable. Site licenses available. Yearly subscriptions are also available.
Platforms: Windows 98/NT/2000/2003/XP
Kind of Tool: Beyond tracking and managing defects.
Organization: stag software private limited
Software Description: Fault Management and Analysis System is a defect management system and more� In addition to helping you managing defects, it is intended to help you analyze the defect data to assess the product quality, process capability and aid you in management tracking.
Web-enabled interface � Melds into your intranet
Mail enabled � Automatic notification
Platform neutral � No demands on other licensing requirements!
Simple workspace � GUI metaphor is friendly!
Notification and Alerts � Keeps you alert!
Query-by-forms - Powerful searches possible, yet simple
Graphs and reports � Help you to convert data to information!
Specific user roles � Implement access control on defects
Full bug history
Controlled management of defects from discovery to resolution
Defect/Issue History
Platforms: Linux and Windows
TrackStudio Enterprise
Kind of Tool: Java-based defect tracking software
Organization: TrackStudio, Ltd
Software Description: Hierarchical issue tracking for the enterprise. Using Java technology, situable for Windows/Linux. Hierarchical tasks, workflow automation, e-mail notification and submission, advanced security, reports, SOAP API, IDE & SCM integration.
Platforms: Microsoft Windows NT/2000/2003/XP, Linux, Sun Solaris, Hewlett Packard HP-UX, IBM AIX
Kind of Tool: Access your bugs, issues or defects from anywhere.
Software Description: Here's a web-based service specifically designed to log and track your project's bugs. You can access encrypted reports of your bugs, issues or defects from anywhere at any time through a web browser (or lock it into just your own web server). Unlimited users, unlimited projects. Open a free trial account, full refund is guaranteed if you are not satisfied within 15 days. Here's a bonus: even if you cancel the service, you can still access the bug reports generated while you were a subscriber! Available in French and English.
Platforms: All
Support Tracker
Kind of Tool: Web enabled bug reporting application based in Lotus Notes
Organization: Automation Centre
Software Description: Support Tracker is a Web enabled help desk/bug tracking application. It is one of the modules in the Tracker Suite software package. Tracker Suite applications are based on Lotus Notes, allowing Support Tracker customers to leverage their existing Notes infrastructure for a comprehensive bug reporting/management solution. Because Tracker Suite is server based, Support Tracker installs with zero impact on the desktop. Users can create, track, and manage bug reports through Lotus Notes or over the Web. Reported bugs are automatically assigned, routed, and escalated via Service Level Agreements for proper prioritization and resource allocation. Support Tracker also offers FAQ and Knowledgebase functionality.
Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Unix, Linux
Kind of Tool: Secure online issue tracking system.
Organization: Red Horizon, LLC
Software Description: SourceAction� is a secure online issue tracking application that allows companies to track, manage, resolve, and report on software defects and enhancement requests from customers and internal users.
Platforms: Internet Explorer 5.x, Netscape 4.x
yKAP - Your Kind Attention Please
Kind of Tool: Powerful Web / XML based defect tracking, issue management software
Organization: DCom Solutions
Software Description: Powerful, cost effective, Customizable, Web based(XML) Bug / Defect tracking, Issue Management and Messaging product. Apart from having a pleasing interface and being easy to learn, yKAP features include support for unlimited projects, test environments, attachments, exporting data into PDF/RTF/XLS/HTML/Text formats, rule-based email alerts, exhaustive search options, saving searches (public/ private), Auto-complete for user names, extensive reports, history, custom report styles, exhaustive data/trends analysis, printing, role-based security. Apart from pre-defined values, yKAP allows the user to add custom values for system parameters such as Status, Defect cause, Defect type, priority, etc. yKAP is installed with complete help documentation.
Platforms: Windows NT/2000/XP, IE 5.0 (or above) client, MS SQL Server 7.0 (or later)
Kind of Tool: Defect and feature tracking tool
Organization: Lit Window Productions
Software Description: Lightweight utility to track bugs. Designed for single users and small to medium teams. Design goals were: fast, easy to use, small, no administration headache. No server required. Features: e-mail notification, very fast startup, and more... The .EXE is tiny and runs on Win98 and above. No installation needed, just copy it to a network drive and run it from any computer connected to the network.
Platforms: Win98, WinNT, Win2000, WinME, WinXP
Kind of Tool: collaborative software development
Organization: CollabNet, Inc.
Software Description: The CollabNet® SourceCast® environment combines the components for collaborative software development into a solution that can be easily integrated with any existing processes.
Platforms: Hosted delivery.
OfficeClip Defect Tracker
Kind of Tool: Web Based Defect Tracking System
Organization: OfficeClip. LLC
Software Description
OfficeClip Web-Based Defect Tracking system consists of rules based notification engine, ability to create custom filters and reports and ability to create configurable knowledge base out of the tracked cases. it also allows creation of a html page for customers to input and track the defects.
Kind of Tool: Quality online bug tracking, Inc.
Software Description: is a web-based bug tracking service for the software development industry. It provides quality assurance personel, developers, and their clients global defect management throughout the software development life cycle. balances features, security, quality, and reliability with cost. There's no software to own, maintain, or install. Log in with your browser and go. Hosted. Free 45-day trial.
Kind of Tool:Incident management
Organization: ID Consultants Ltd
Software Description: DuxQA™ includes a Defect Tracking module that can either be used stand-alone, or integrated with the rest of the tool. Defects can be tracked from detection through to correction and can be linked to requirements, test conditions, test cases and test script steps. All changes to defects are logged and an audit trail report can be produced. The tool has a selection screen which allows the user to focus on defects they are interested in. There is a facility to create your own custom reports/queries.
Platforms: Tool is PC based and runs under Windows NT, 2000, ME, 9x platforms. The tool itself is language and platform independent.
Kind of Tool: Managed Source Control, Issue Management, and Project Management Tools
Organization: One Percent Software
Software Description:ProjectLocker is designed to help software teams build better software faster. ProjectLocker managed project solutions save time by eliminating the administrative burden of maintaining project infrastructure.
ProjectLocker's managed source control system uses a secured version of the industry-standard CVS as its base. Our 24x7 Network Operations Center ensures availability, and all data is stored on redundant servers and backed up daily. ProjectLocker does the dirty work so you don't have to.
ProjectLocker Issue Management is a fully-featured Web-based bug tracking system. In contrast to other issue management tools, ProjectLocker provides substantially greater flexibility and fewer limitations. With ProjectLocker, teams can easily customize their issue types (i.e. bug, feature), severity levels, user roles, and more. ProjectLocker doesn't require teams to change their process and language to fit the bug tracker. ProjectLocker also provides tools for project managers, including sophisticated querying and reporting.
Platforms: All.
Kind of Tool: Bug Tracking System
Organization: AutomatedQA Corp.
Software Description: A full-featured issue tracking system by AutomatedQA. It lets you create custom lifecycle schemes for your documents. Web-based and standard user interface. Free trial.
Platforms: Microsoft Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0 (with Service Pack 6), Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Server 2003
Kind of Tool: Scalable desktop-based bug tracking tool.
Organization: PTLogica
Software Description: Scalable desktop-based bug tracking tool supporting multiple tab-organized products.
Platforms: Windows NT4, 2000, XP, and Server 2003.
BridgeTrak Suite
Kind of Tool: Bug tracking software
Organization: Kemma Software
Software Description: Windows and Web based bug tracking software for help desks and development teams. Assign and track defects and development issues. Link issues to Visual Source Safe Interface check-outs. Automatically generate release notes. Create an internal knowledgebase and more.
Platforms: Windows or web-based
Kind of Tool: PRINCE2 defect tracker and issue log
Organization: BugBox
Software Description: Are you a project manager? Do you work in a project team? Need an issue log or defect tracking in your project? Do your customers want PRINCE2 used by your team?
BugBox is used by thousands of project managers all over the world. BugBox is free to download and very, very easy to use. Deliver your PRINCE2 project on time with BugBox...
Kind of Tool: Offline desktop client for Bugzilla
Organization: ALM Works
Software Description: Deskzilla is an offline desktop client for Bugzilla bug tracking system. Deskzilla helps Bugzilla users to achieve greater productivity and build a better working environment. Deskzilla is free for open-source projects.
Platforms: Any supporting Java: Windows 98-2003, Linux, MacOS X 10, Solaris.
Kind of Tool: Manage allows you to organize and manage the testing process by providing tools that aid in bug tracking and test and requirements management.
Organization: Verisium, Inc.
Software Description: Manage allows you to organize and manage the testing process by providing tools that aid in bug tracking, test and requirements management. A web based interface lets you share testing information among team members who are integrated via Verisium's testing solutions. With vManage, you can create projects that correlate tests, requirements that prompted the tests and bugs resulting from those tests. vManage allows you to monitor the progress of manual and automated tests and effortlessly locate critical information pertaining to any test, requirement or issue.
Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003