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Achievable Futures

PostPosted: Wed Feb 27, 2008 12:55 pm
by SQA
James Lyndsay - Achievable Futures ... 5482062355

James Lyndsay

James Lyndsay is actively involved in the international software testing community. He ... all ยป received 'Best Paper' awards at the largest software testing conferences in both the US and Europe in 2002, and gave keynote talks at AsiaSTAR and STAREast in 2003. He is an invited participant in a range of influential forums, including the ISEB / ISTQB software testing certifications.


Over the last decade, we've seen huge changes in the ease and ubiquity of our access to information. We have vastly more power at our fingertips, and the technologies that provide that power have become commodities. However, software testing has failed to keep up with the times, and pressure is building that may lead to convulsive change.

This talk looks at the unique potential of testing to provide crucial, but otherwise undiscoverable information in an otherwise impossible timeframe - and at the split that has appeared between testing focussed on expectations, and testing focussed on the delivered system.

James Lyndsay believes that we can use our existing skills, approaches and tools to rise to these challenges, and reach a bright, but very different future