How To Recruit, Motivate, and Energize Superior Test Enginee

How To Recruit, Motivate, and Energize Superior Test Enginee

Postby SQA » Wed Feb 27, 2008 12:54 pm

Jeff Feldstein - How To Recruit, Motivate, and Energize Superior Test Engineers ... 1835446274


The expectations today are for increasingly high-quality software, ... all » requiring more sophisticated automation in testing. Test and QA teams must work more closely with development to ensure that this sophisticated automation is possible. This has lead to software engineers applying creativity, talent and expertise to not just application development, but testing as well. This transition from manual to scripting to highly engineered test automation changes the way we recruit, hire, motivate and retain great test engineering talent.

The speaker uses examples of how his team at Cisco changed the way it tests over the past six years. In this class, he'll review eight points for why test is a better place for software developers than software development, and he'll show how and when to express these points to hire, motivate and retain top talent. You'll see how to inspire greater innovation and creativity in your testing processes, and how to manage and inspire test and development teams that are spread across different locations. You'll also learn the place of manual testing in the new environment.
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