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Becoming a software testing expert

PostPosted: Wed Feb 27, 2008 12:44 pm
by SQA
James Bach - Becoming a software testing expert ... 4192883219

James Bach :

I work with project teams and individual engineers to help them plan SQA, change control, ... all ยป and testing processes that allow them to understand and control the risks of product failure. Most of my experience is with market-driven Silicon Valley software companies like Apple Computer and Borland, so the techniques I've gathered and developed are designed for use under conditions of compressed schedules, high rates of change, component-based technology, and poor specification.


You're already an experienced tester. You know how to design tests and report bugs. Now what? Do you feel like an expert? Unfortunately, if you want to become very good at testing, there aren't many classes or programs available to help you. This means you must manage your own education. This tutorial is about finding a path from experience to expertise. It's based on the context-driven school of test methodology. It focuses on what it means to think like a tester and how to design and critique testing practices (rather than just copy what the "gurus" tell you to do). You'll also get self-study strategies and methods for developing a colleague network. It's an ideal tutorial if testing is your career and you intend to excel in it.